Charlotte Kendrick
North of New York, 2007: Wondermore Records

North of New York is Charlotte's 2nd studio album. It's official release date is June 26th, 2007, but is available now at

1. Thank You
2. Off the Tracksclip 
3. Best of Me
4. Yellowclip 
5. Drag You Down 
6. In Time
7. Feels Right 
8. Caroline 
9. Too Nice
10. Laces
11. Let Go 
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Charlotte Kendrick
I Get Stupid, 2003: Re-released in 2006 on SonaBLAST! Records

I Get Stupid is Charlotte's debut full-length release, marking her entrance into the national music scene. It is an album not to be missed!

1. First of June
clipfull version
2. Little Piece of Meclip 
3. I Get Stupidclipfull version
4. Play With Fireclip 
5. With Kissesclip 
6. Someone's Looking Out For Youclipfull version
7. Marlboro Redsclip 
8. Too Good For Meclip 
9. Stare Love in the Faceclip 
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Charlotte Kendrick with Dan Rowe
Live at the Roger Smith, 2004

Live at the Roger Smith was recorded in the Spring of 2004 at this intimate venue in Midtown Manhattan.

1. Stare Love in the Face
2. Too Niceclip 
3. Drag You Downclip
4. First of Juneclip 
5. Change a Thingclip 
6. Best of Meclip
7. Sweet Carolinaclip 
8. I Get Stupidclip 
9. Thrill of it Allclip
10. Brother in LAclip
11. Off the Tracksclip 
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